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Blind Heart EP

1 - Unconditional

What would life be like if we loved each other as we are? No judgment, no segregation. Take a chance to look past the scars. Fight for a love without limitations. History of violence. Cruel and inhumane. For too long we have been silent. Speak up. Speak out. Speak love. Generation after generation making the same mistakes. Face value is all you see, and your mind is trapped in a cage. After all this time it seems we would have learned by now, that there’s none superior, there’s none inferior, we all end up six feet in the ground. Pain is pain. We all feel it in different ways. Hurt is hurt. We’ve all felt the sting of hate. Bury your anger. Loosen the chains. Be a positive movement. Reverse the hostility that has been displayed. We need to stand together though we don’t see the same. Open up your blind heart. Keep breaking down the walls of discrimination until we see change. Acceptance is elementary. Grow up, punk.

2 – American Justice

No one is safe from this tyranny invading the land of the free. Crooked leaders with pointing fingers. We’re all under the hand of deceivers. Bad intentions. Hidden aggression. Passion for greed. Liars and thieves. We’re not afraid to bite the hand that feeds. Lusting for war in your false sense of American pride while you cower in your office with your perfect life. Don’t talk about sacrifice until you take a step in the shoes of those who fought and died.
Pawns in your game. Puppets for your show. Tread lightly. You reap what you sow. Brutality is the new morality. Abuse the system, tax the world to fill your bottomless pockets with the money you’ve “earned.” The time is coming when the people will rise up, and you’ll understand how justice is served.

3 – Hymn of a Broken Man

Will I ever find a way out? Will I ever find Your way? Part of me wonders if I ever gave everything. Is this real or am I just pretending? I once knelt before You, but now I stand alone. This wasteland with no life is where I roam. Piled up all my files up to the ceiling of my heart. From insecurity, worthlessness, to self hate; I have a heart full of rage. I try to bury my sorrows behind my smile the best that I can. Still the sadness creeps in at every turn. Hear this cry. Hear this hymn of a broken man.
Will I ever find a way out? Will I ever find Your way? Where are You? Misery’s touch is so cold. Who am I? Darkness has taken its hold. What is my purpose in this world and what will crumble the walls I’ve built around my empty soul? Jaded. Faded. Consumed by hatred. Rescue me from my empty soul. Every day is a struggle, and these walls feel like too much to face. An empty purpose? A lost cause? This can’t be. Let me drown in Your grace. Bring light to my eyes. Place my feet on solid ground. Let my faith be constant in a world that constantly lets me down. Now I see You are the way out. Now I know You are the way. You are the way out. You are the way. Broken man healed by my Redeemer’s hands.

4 – Poured Out

This is our family. When everyone else wants to follow the latest trend, we stay true. Sticking together, having each others’ back, being there when life is hard to go through. Welcoming in with love the new and taking advantage of every moment because our days are few. This is our time. This is our home. This is our scene. This is our hope poured out.

Stronghold for the weak.
Stronghold for the outcast.
Stronghold for the hurt.
Stronghold for the hated.
Stronghold for the used.
Stronghold for the unwanted.
Stronghold for the shunned.

Stronghold. A dynasty of the unified underground. The friendships and memories we’ll take with us to our grave.

5 – Beloved
My fortress. My foundation. The long road to Calvary, You carried your murderous tree all for me. Whipped and beaten down in the dirt. The final breath from the painful death darkened the skies of earth. I believe. Thorns for a crown. Nails driven down. Blood spilled and body broken, You don’t see what I see. You loved me enough that You gave your own life willingly. My fortress. My foundation. Never before have I felt this alive. Never again will I look away. The trials of life have always dragged me around, but not this time. Unashamed. I will cling to the cross til I’m completely decayed. The meaning of life is not a material thing. You can’t buy it. You have to lose your life. Only then will you find it. Beloved. While I draw this fleeting breath, when my eyes shall close in death, when I rise to worlds unknown and behold Thee on the throne. Rock of Ages, cleft for me. Let me hide myself in Thee.